Day 3 – Bowling Green Amateur Championship 2014 is Over!!!

Well, this is the crew for the final round.  I’m still impressed by this phone.  It let’s me put myself in the picture.  I was in full Heisenberg gear.  If you look behind this group, we are looking at a 911 foot hole.  I got a 5 and was thrilled to get it. Ended up shooting 73 on this course.  My best round here was 65 so I’m not very impressed with my performance.  Too many missed opportunities. I do love this tournament however and am already looking forward to next year.

imageL-R: Will Rosa, Sandra Frazer, James Miller – Inset: Me



Day 2 – Bowling Green Amateur Championship 2014

Started at Kereiakes. Here’s my crew:

L-R Stephen (Neutron) Newton, Charlie Yoder, Shane Walrond and Chuck Harkleroad -Inset: Me

Shot a 62. It should have been better. It could have been worse. I am holding my own. Went to Hobson Grove and faired a bit worse.  This is a course with a lot of birdie opportunities but I managed only a couple. Shot a 65.  It should have been a 61.  My best round at this course is a 59. Just make the shots you can. The guy on the right had his wife caddying for him so she took the picture. She also kept the score for most of the round.

L-R: Will Rosa, Me, Stephen Pavik, Dave Downing and Steve Bogdon

Day 1 – Bowling Green Amateur Championship 2014

Well, it’s here. We start at 2 and we’re just chilling waiting. At this point,  I’m still tied for the lead. Tonight will be the fly mart. I don’t have any delusions about being in the lead but I sure would like a good showing.

imageL-R: Lance Carpenter, Ed Gonzalez, Ed Lee and Dale Emory – Inset: Me

This is the group. It’s great to take the pic and be in it. We started on 17. I ended up shooting a 70. Not as good as I would have liked but better than last year. My goal was to survive this course and I think I succeeded. Moody also shot a 70 but on a different course. Renee shot a 103. She is in second in her division. We are headed to the fly mart. Results have not been posted yet.

Day 0 – Bowling Green Amateur Championship 2014

Well,  time for the first full day of Bowling Green. We stayed up until 2 a.m. last night. Moody and I are going to play in a doubles tournament this morning at one of the parks that we’re playing in the tournament. I’ll try to add to this post later on in the day.


We are having breakfast at Bob Evans.

We played Kereiakes. Moody was my partner and Stacy and Renee were partners. A few good shots. Not great overall. Probably Moody’s fault.


Lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings. We’re about to meet up with Missy and Riley.

Wow! Long time no see.

Well, I logged on to see about posting something for the upcoming Disc Golf Tournament, The Amateur Championship at Bowling Green, and discovered I haven’t posted in some time.  I don’t know how much will change about that but I certainly am going to blog about the tournament.  It starts next week so look to hear from me. We are planning on heading up there on April 9, which is Wednesday and playing and having a good time prior to the start of the tourney, which is April 11 at 2:00 pm.

8th Annual Copper Hills Classic

Man, would I like to be able to play! This tournament was held here in Memphis on September 15-16.  The 15th had two rounds at Johnson Road Park in Germantown and the last round was on Sunday at Orgill Park in Millington. Greg and I were on the same card for the first round and we both played fairly badly.  We turned in 66’s for that round and were convinced we would be on the same card for the afternoon round.  That didn’t happen though and it appears this was great for Greg.  He shot an astounding 48 the second time through. The course was an easier setup but that is still impressive.  It was his first ever sub-50 round.  Me, I carded a 64.  Not great. He was up in the mix while I was back to the next to last card. I managed a 70 on a 20 hole setup and did okay.  Could have stood a few strokes better but I had fun and it was a little better than the previous round.  Greg took 5th in the tournament.  (Oh yeah, he shot a 63 in the final round.) Well, again, I would like to have done better but there’s always next time.  Renee and I are headed to Florida for vacation next Saturday.  Looks like it will be as fun as usual.  I can’t wait. Next time you hear from me, we should be there. Here’s a picture of my opening round group.

Me, Gary Willoughby, Greg Moody and Stewart Tanner await the horn to start the tournament.

Soybean Fest

Well, I got to play in another tournament. I didn’t do that well.  This tournament is a 2 round, 1 day tournament in Martin, TN. The course is especially hard.  The Parks and Rec director, Brian Moore (great guy) told me they really needed about two more acres to do it right. Because of this, some of the holes were a bit squeezed.  The par is 58 but I couldn’t shoot any better than 63.  I had a 68 the first round with two 6’s and I was holding my own on the second round with no 6’s until the last hole.  A three would have given me a 60 but I managed to get my only 6 of the round and carded a 63.  Boo for me.  I hope to report on the Copper Hills Classic that I am playing in this weekend.  I also hope to be a little more attentive to this blog.  As you can see, lot’s of time passes between posts.

Disc Golf

As many of you know, I have become an avid disc golfer. What is this sport?  Why would anyone want to fling a frisbee at a target for low score?  I suppose these questions were asked about golf when it was new.  Disc golf ws recently disparaged on a national broadcast comedy as s sport for losers. Nothing could be further from the truth. My entire family is now participating. It’s fun.  It provides exercise. You get to be outside.  It’s not that hard to improve at.  You are really only playing against yourself so you can’t be worried about what others shoot.

I was playing the other day with a bit of a crotchety gentleman who is 60+ years of age.  He told me “This is the only thing I have ever stuck with.”  I know how he feels.  I chase hobbies.  Some would say for a living!  I’ve been playing disc golf for about 5 years, only three seriously but I love it.  I would like to play better, but who wouldn’t.  The family travels with me to tournaments.  Even Renee is playing now.

Here’s to hoping you give it a try and find a low score in your day!